New students accepted to graduate degree programs for 2024-2025

Colleen Appleberry – CSU Dominquez Hills, MSW
Karlen Arenas – UCLA, Teaching Credential, MA
Haley Bartow – Stanford University, Juris Doctorate
Dionne Canonizado – UCLA, MSW (Graduate Opportunity Fellowship)
Emilio Carranza-Davis – CSU San Marcos, MSW (Title IV E funding)
Uchechi Duruji – UC Berkeley, Juris Doctorate (Law School Merit Scholarship)
Esmeralda Gonzalez – CSU Dominguez Hills, MSW
Kenya Hennington – CSU Dominguez Hills, MSW
Serena Jones – McGeorge School of Law, University of the Pacific, Juris Doctorate (Law School Merit Scholarship
Conan Minihan – UC San Diego, PhD in Data Science (First Year Fellowship)
BreAujeanne Moore – UCLA, MSW (Graduate Opportunity Fellowship)
Marcus Ogata – Sacramento State, MS in Biotechnology (California Institute for
Regenerative Medicine (CIRM) Bridges Scholarship)
Trina Rodriguez – UCLA, MSW (Graduate Opportunity Fellowship)
Maricela Rojas – CSU Dominguez Hills, MSW
Alishba Sardar – UC Berkeley, MSW
Christian Sotomayor – UC Berkeley, MPP (GSPP Departmental Fellowship)
Ernesto Yanas-Arnold – CSU Dominguez Hills, MSW

New students accepted to graduate degree programs for 2023-2024

Joelett Arrington – Georgetown University, MA Sports Management
Peter Balvuena
April Barcus
– Rutgers University, JD/MA
Maraya Bermudez
– USC, MSW (Primary Care Scholarship)
Rebecca Borges
– UC Berkeley, MSW
Luna Busch
– UC Berkeley, MPP (University Merit Scholarship)
Eileen Fonseca – Arizona State University (CWEP Stipend program)
Roberta Garcia
– CSULA (State University Grant)
Kayla Kahooilihala
Michele Licon
– Boston University, MS in Nutrition and Metabolism (Provost’s Scholarship)
Ramiro Montiel
– UC Berkeley, MBA (Haas Consortium Fellowship)
Chantal Moran
– CSUSB, MS in Counseling
Adrian Morris
– Dominican University, MBA
Cheryl Perez
– UCLA, MSW (Graduate Opportunity Fellowship)
Destiny Ramirez
– CSUDH, MSW (State University Grant)
Hayson Tasher
– UCLA, MSW (Graduate Opportunity Fellowship)

MAPS Online Event March 11, 2023: Exploring the paths to a career in counseling

A workshop led by Ryan Ayala, MSW, CAPSW, a MAPS mentor. The powerpoint explains the different degrees, including MA/MS in counseling, MSW, PsyD — and the necessary qualifications to enter a degree program as well as what jobs follow. A facilitated discussion among a group of panelists who hold varying counseling degrees helps workshop participants understand additional specifics about different academic paths and careers. Link to Zoom presentation.

March 2023 New Grant from Leo Buscaglia Foundation

The mission of the Leo Buscaglia Foundation is building community spirit by helping people to help others, a common career path taken by so many of our students. A big thank you for this generous grant to MAPS! 

New students accepted to graduate degree programs for 2022-2023

Angelica Avila – UCLA, MSW (Title IV-E program funding)
Saray Benavides – UCLA, MSW (Graduate Opportunity Scholarship)
Jon Crain – CSU Northridge, MSW (State University Grant)
Alexia Esparza – UCLA, MSW (Orangewood Advanced Studies Scholarship)
Emma Espinosa – CSU Los Angeles, MSW (Title IV-E program funding)
Pauline Galvan – CSU Fullerton, MSW (Title IV-E program funding)
Laebah Hamid – Yale University, MPH (Horstmann Scholarship)
Sergio Hermosillo – CSU Los Angeles, MSW (Dept of Rehab funding)
Jessica Jones – CSU Los Angeles, MSW (Employer tuition program)
Anna Judson – UC Berkeley, JD (Berkeley Law Opportunity Scholarship)
Perla Lozano – UCLA, MSW (Graduate Opportunity Scholarship), Title IV-E program funding)
Flavia Rodrigues – San Francisco State University, MA of Science in Counseling (State University Grant)
Desiree Spadero – CSU San Bernardino, Master of Science in School and Professional Counseling (State University Grant)

MAPS Online Event May 12, 2022: Looking Ahead at Advanced Degrees

This workshop is for students who are thinking about graduate school and have a few years to decide. You may not have decided on a particular degree OR you may want to learn how to better prepare for an already chosen graduate program. Presented by Sylvia Sensiper, PhD, co-coordinator MAPS. Link to Zoom presentation.

  • Why get an advanced degree?
  • Following your interests and strengths
  • Exploring careers through internships, jobs and volunteer work
  • Special programs for underrepresented students
  • Talking to professionals, faculty and graduate students
  • Participating in research projects and lab work
  • Attending job fairs and information sessions
  • Shadowing professionals to learn about their everyday work life
  • Understanding that a career changes and grows over time

MAPS online event April 2, 2022: Getting a Teaching Credential: A career in California’s K-12 public schools   

In this Zoom presentation, a panel of California teachers talked about their interest in teaching, the requirements to be admitted to a credential program, the schools they attended, and the value of a Master’s degree. Panel participants included Sarah Gilliken (M.Ed., UC Davis) a teacher for Twin Rivers Unified School District in Sacramento, CA, Cathleen Wright (M.Ed., UCLA), a teacher for Clovis Unified School District in Fresno, CA, and Chanel Sulc (M.Ed. Stanford University), a teacher for the San Jose School District in San Jose, CA. Link to Zoom presentation.

New students accepted to graduate degree programs for 2021-2022

Shayla Averett – St. Mary’s College, MS in Accounting (Ramsell Scholarship for African American Diversity)
Kaylia Carroll – Yale University, MPH (Horstmann Scholarship)
Marshal P. Galvan, Jr. – UC Berkeley, MSW (Title IV-E program funding)
Julia Garcia – UC Davis, MS in Environmental Policy (GPP support)
Adelina Lang – University of Nebraska, MPH
Raquel Magadan-Sanchez – CSU Sacramento, MSW (Title IV-E program funding)
Adrian Morris – University of Michigan, MSW (Dean’s Mission Scholarship)
Berenice Pacheco – CSU Fresno, MSW
Jessica Perez – University of Indianapolis, PsyD (Diversity Fellowship)
Manpreet Singh – UCLA, MSW
Destiny Trujillo – USC, MA in Ed, PASA (Impact Scholar Award) 

We help California’s former foster youth apply to graduate programs and professional schools by providing the knowledge each applicant needs to create a competitive application and succeed.

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