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The California State University uses a portal system, allowing applicants to fill out basic information for all the programs in which they have an interest, and then select the Program Materials quadrant to determine what specific documentation is required. This screen shot is what you will see when you create an account. Additional programs can be added by clicking on the Add Program tab which will take you to a directory of all CSU campus programs.

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It is best to look at the application early on in your process as some programs require extensive supplementary materials. Below are descriptions of what kind of information you will need to input in each one of the quadrants. If you cannot find a program listed check the individual CSU website as some programs are administered by Extension programs have their own applications. 

Personal Information:  This quadrant asks for standard application information. A release statement, biographic information, contact information, citizenship/residency information, race & ethnicity, social security, language, and military service. 

Academic History: In this quadrant you will input information about all the universities and colleges you’ve attended, your GPAs and Test scores: GRE, GMAT, etc.

Supporting Information: This quadrant asks you to list Experiences and AchievementsExperience includes employment, internships and volunteer work — and requires you to include hours/weeks, dates of service/employment and a description of key responsibilities. Achievements includes awards, honors, publications, presentations, and scholarships.  

Program Materials is the most important quadrant. In this section you will find links to all the programs you have selected from the Add a Program tab at the top of the application and this will allow you to find the additional documents each program is requesting. Some programs will have you enter this information through the CSU Apply. Other programs will ask you to access their own campus website for further information. It is very important to look carefully at this part of the Dashboard early so that you understand exactly what materials you will need to submit. Most programs will want an essay – either a statement of purpose, a personal statement or something similar– and you do not want to be writing something last minute. You will also be requesting recommendations from  faculty or supervisors in this section. 

The examples below provide an idea of the different documentation required for programs at various universities.

Masters in Fine Arts (MFA) at CSU Chico: Statement of purpose, digital portfolio, resume unofficial transcript.

Masters in Health Psychology or Clinical Psychology at CSU Dominguez Hills: Personal Statement, writing sample of 3-10 pages, resume/CV, unofficial transcript, and some additional questions to answer in regards to the prerequisites for the degree and your career goals.

Masters in Business Administration at Cal Poly Pomona: Personal Statement, resume, unofficial transcript.

Masters in Environmental Sciences and Management at Cal Poly San Luis Obispo: Statement of purpose, resume/CV, unofficial transcript and additional short questions.

Master of Social Work at CSU San Bernardino in the Pathway Social Work Distance Education program: Personal Statement consisting of 10 questions, an additional personal statement about time management, two 500 word vignettes, unofficial transcript, various forms to read and upload.


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