Professional Schools

Many professional programs have a “portal” where you will apply with a single application to multiple programs.

The portals and their associated professional organizations, combined with the websites of individual university programs and your university advisors, are the best sources of information about the pre-requisites, requirements and the application process for each of these types of professional degrees. In the pull-down menu are various degrees that use a portal.

Reviewing the application process well in advanced of when you are thinking of applying will help you get organized. Please note that for many professional programs you will write a Personal Statement which is different than the Statement of Purpose that is required for Masters and PhD programs.

Also, if you are considering a career in one of the professions listed here, see the Pipeline programs in the Immerse Yourself section under the Process and Discovery tab. Pipeline programs are designed to inspire students and prepare them for professional careers. The programs are often focused on helping students who are disadvantaged in some way gain the skills and knowledge they need to become competitive applicants. This could be a cultural or social disadvantage or simply the fact that an applicant needs additional coursework in order to be eligible for any given program.


We help California’s former foster youth apply to graduate programs and professional schools by providing the knowledge and funds that help each applicant create a competitive application and succeed.


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